Privacy policy



Lufigraf company has the utmost respect for client privacy. This website offers to its visitors, in general terms, the possibility of doing their research free of any prior collect of personal data. Only the pages dedicated to electronic services, such as online ordering and newsletter subscription, require the providence of information of personal nature, as condition to the provision of the services required by the client or interested person.

The Lufigraf company recognizes its liability for the protection of any personal information which is either sent by the users of this website or collected by us, and this company may, eventually, make use of such information to one of the following purposes:

  • Improve the available services;
  • Generate unpersonal statistical data;
  • Establish a link between the company and our costumers sending, by email, instutional information that may be required.

 Lufigraf is comitted to the not providing of the personal information sent by its website users to any external entities. 
Any personal data management will be conducted under the portuguese law in force. According to number 4 of the article number 10 of the law number 67/98, dating from October 26, which refers to security conditions regarding de data collection in open networks, all Lufigraf employees taking part of data processing are obliged to confidentiality duty regarding the very same data.

Website users can change at any moment the data they have provided, as they can also unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time.

Lufigraf will keep the account information active in all users registration databases, in order to provide immediate access to personal information which time an user enters the website, untill removal is solicited, with exception of client information who ordered any product.